IFE Elevator Philippines provide a series of services to support our customers – architects, consultants, builders, real estate developers; from design, construction to maintenance and modernization of their buildings.We hope our service support can help you to achieve the business target, since we believe this is the most important value to both of us. At IFE Elevator Philippines, the committed service we sell to our customers is reliability! Whether it’s a traction, hydraulic, or MRL elevator, we offer turnkey solutions and flexible repair service plans for them all. IFE Elevator Philippines is driven by safety, high quality, and reliable service.


Installation and CommissioningPreventive MaintenanceModernization

Our team is equipped with modern techniques, tools and safety equipment to properly conduct installation & commissioning. During pre-installation period IFE Elevator Philippines will provide necessary technical assistance such as lift specification & technical drawing review, site inspection, job scheduling & budgeting.The professional design helps our customer to maximize their elevator car size and achieve the maximum business value to the building owner. Request an estimate today and we’ll come to you! Simply fill out the form Contact Us  section, including your email, phone number, estimate information, and the best time for us to contact you.

Passengers lifts are considered costly and indeed to be an investment for building owners. Proper caring for such investment would mean proper preventive maintenance being done on a regular basis.This equipment is composed of various electro mechanical devices which during operation is constantly subjected to wearing and fatigue thus requiring frequent inspection and checking. IFE Elevator Philippines offers services such a Preventive Maintenance & inspection in order for your equipment continuous maintained system reliability, decreased cost of parts replacement, minimized operational downtime and better spares inventory management.

IFE Elevator Philippines can provide a pre-evaluation and comprehensive assessment on how to modernize or upgrade your old passenger lifts within your budget range.Our approach to modernizing is to provide the clients with money saving and long term solutions to further improve the operational reliabilty & efficiency of equipment; Putting the existing elevator up to code; Enhancing aesthetic appearances and incorporating the latest technology for the safety and convenience of passengers while keeping all integral cost minimum.